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  • How to download and install CM3D2 DLC

    Author : Yuuki Akane | Added: 21.53.00 | Tanggapan : 0 komentar

    1. Download All DLC CM3D2
    How to check and download the latest DLC:
    2. Login / Create an account at MEGA for the download is not limit / limited3. Click on the "Date Created" column table, to view the current DLC (see the date)4. Download and install DLC from the longest date, till the latest date

    Tampilan download Semua DLC CM3D2, satu per satu di MEGA

    Follow this step if you want to download ALL DLC With simple way in MEGA:
    CTRL + A, dont select the update (there are 3 that are not DLC) :
    - CM3d2 Update 1.12 to 1.48.1
    - CM3d2 Update 1.12 Must Have
    - CM3d2 Update 1.12 to 1.48
    And the rest is DLC

    Download Semua DLC di Mega Dalam 1 RAR

    2. Install all the DLCs according to the Date order (Date Created)
    How to instal DLC : 1. Open the downloaded DLC file, example i opens DLC [TECH GIAN Bonus] [November 2016 Issue]2. click update.exe

     3. Follow the tutorial according to the image below

    Pilih sesuai panah merah

    Pilih OK

    4. Select ok, and Done, the DLC has been installed in the game

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